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1924 Roadster Pickup - úSOLD

Year 1924 Road Tax Free
Exterior Color Black Interior Black Leatherette
Fuel Unleaded Power 20hp
Top Speed Approx 40mph Engine Capacity 2.9l
Transmission 2 speed epicyclic Engine Config Inline 4 cyl.

New arrival!

This great looking Pickup has just arrived and is now available for sale.

Although it was repainted many years ago it is still in good condition.

The Roadster Pickup was one of the rarest models, particularly the 1925 version. This vehicle is most likely a Roadster that has been fitted with a genuine Ford steel bed as the model wasn't officially available in 1924. The interior is an older re-trim with no tears to the fabric. The paintwork isn't perfect but overall, the car has an appealing look to it. The engine sounds healthy and is running on a distributor conversion. Demountable wheels are fitted.

Overall, an attractive and rare Pickup that is ready to enjoy.

Standard Equipment
Optional Equipment
Distributor conversion, alternator, demountable wheels.
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